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525,600 Minutes – What Will You Do With Yours?

To start this new year, we’re going to spend 8 sermons looking at activities Jesus followers can work at, 8 areas we can train in, 8 things that we can practice in how we live every day that will eventually lead to better. We invite you to join us along the way and see if what Jesus says doesn’t change for good the way your life is going. Here are the 8:

1/7 Talking (Praying about Everything) Luke 11

1/14 Stalking (Staying Connected to Him) John 15

1/21 Singing (Bubbling Up Joy from Inside) John 2

1/28 Bringing (Sharing What You’ve Found) John 4

2/4 Giving (Trusting Him for Provisions) Mark 12

2/11 Forgiving (Erasing the Ruinous) Luke 15

2/18 Swerving (Changing Your Perspective) Luke 19

2/25 Serving (Living for Others) Luke 10