Junior Higher [joon-yer hai-yer] (n.): Fun and energetic 6th - 8th grader, really curious, obsessed with gas (not the unleaded kind), willing to try anything, growing, changing, insane, scared and scary.

These are all things said about junior highers and, at one time or another, they're all true enough. Middle schoolers are going through a lot and they need help figuring it all out.

That's where Willowbrook Student minsitries fits in. We've got people that help youth cross some of the toughest but most exciting bridges in life, by loving, helping, encouraging and accepting middle school youth and by letting them know that no matter the changes, there will be someone that accepts them and loves them without strings. 

We have kids in grades 6-8 meet Sunday mornings at 11:15am for some good old-fashioned Bible study together where for an hour we read, talk, ask crazy questions, and try to figure out together what God is saying to us through His word about how to do life well.

We also get together on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00 to play dodgeball, eat, play dodgeball, talk, play kickball, play mafia, hang out, play dodgeball (Jr. Highers really like dodgeball), and build healthy relationships with Jesus and each other.

And we have a couple weeks in the summer at Mountainview Christian Camp just for these students, where they have a chance to live life like God intended. Good stuff, if you're looking for ways to help your kids grow up healthy!