The Christian journey is a lifelong process of growing in Christ. All of us are in the process of growing spiritually. Every thought we hold, every decision we make, every relationship we enter into, every emotion we have that we allow to shape our behavior - all of these things, little by little, are shaping us into some kind of being. We are being shaped into either the image of Christ or a horribly destructive caricature of that image. Our students are challenged every week to make decisions based on God's word.

God made us to be relational beings. We were never meant to go through this world on our own. Our relationships with others are not only the testing grounds of our spiritual life but also the places where our growth in Christ happens. Our students are taught to consider the “preciousness of others.” We’ve learned that with Jesus, everyone counts! That’s the standard by which students are treated here. In this place students are valued, accepted and loved.

It has been said that God makes us strong, just for awhile, so that we may serve one another. Jesus inseparably joined loving God with loving others. Serving others is a vital component for any Christian. Valuable lessons are learned through serving. Our students are given many opportunities to serve using the gifts that God has given them. Everything from helping people move, putting on bi-monthly outreach events for their peers, or serving on missions' trips overseas or in Dansville, NY -- those are just some of the opportunities that our students take advantage of.

We meet Sunday mornings at 11:15am for Bible Study -- where we read God's Word, talk about it together, and try to figure out how we could do that better than we are right now. 

We also get together on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm to play games, eat, talk, hang out, learn, ask questions, laugh like crazy, and play dodgeball (who doesn't like to play dodgeball every now and again?)!

And we have Mountainview Christian Camp, 100 acres of goodness in Danville, NY, where senior high students can spend weeks in the summer learning how Jesus teaches life can be best lived, through study and spending time with people who are living life well!

Mostly though, our goal is to give students a chance to be in an environment where they will regularly see what it looks like to live life like Jesus says -- so that they might choose to do that too!