Our children’s program is designed to provide your children access to great Biblical truths (using creative, interactive, and age appropriate curriculum) about how to love God and other people, and a chance to hang out with some really good people early on in their lives. 

We are excited to partner with you in training your children to do life with Jesus! Children’s classes (age 4 - grade 4) are available every Sunday morning from 10-11am. And we have a youth group hour geared for parents and their kids (age 0 to grade 4) after each Sunday morning assembly where families can play and learn together (1115am-1215pm).

And, in the summer, we have some programs at Mountainview Christian Camp in Dansville, NY, where these kids can enjoy time away from normal life and learn some really important ideas about how to do the rest of their lives even better! It's helpful if you're looking for ways to teach your children about the God Who made them!