Life Groups 


Those of us who belong to the body of Christ called Willowbrook Christian Church believe that Life Groups are very important. We believe Life Groups are biblical -- even Jesus modeled His own “Life Group” with His small group of 12, a group of men with whom He did life. Jesus taught them, they prayed together, they ate together, they studied and learned and grew in their faith as they did life together.

In this same way, we who make up Willowbrook feel ~ no, we know ~ that doing life together in small groups of people is the best way to grow in our faith, to grow closer to Jesus, and become more like Him. These small intimate groups of people offer us a safe place to share our hearts ~ our hurts and concerns, as well as our successes, and they allow for accountability as we strive to become more like Christ.

Our desire is that you will commit to being part of a Life Group because that is best for you ~ and for us ~ as we work together to advance the Kingdom of God.

Willowbrook’s mission statement says: “Willowbrook Christian Church exists to bring glory to God by connecting people to Jesus and each other in meaningful ways.” With that in mind, we are committed to doing life in Life Groups.

We have a number of groups. We have groups almost every night of the week and some on the weekend. There are a variety of studies in those groups. Some are topical, some are strictly Bible studies. We have ladies’ groups, and men’s groups, and mixed groups. We have groups that are family oriented (children attend with the parents). We have groups for young couples and we have groups with older couples. We will work very hard to accommodate your needs and desires in a Life Group … that much we can promise.


In the Future?
As Willowbrook continues to grow and our Life Group Ministry expands, we would like to see Life Groups encompass every aspect of life. We think there are many good ways to do Life Groups. We can envision hiking and biking groups, coffee groups, sewing and knitting groups, breakfast groups … oh wait, we already have one of those going! Groups for new moms, groups for aging parents, and struggling parents, groups that want to serve out in our community, groups that want to bring our community in for events. Groups that want to fellowship and travel together, and groups that want to deepen their relationships with each other and God. Groups for our youth, groups for those in college ~ groups for all ages. The options are endless … but our Life Groups will strive to glorify God as we build our relationships with each other and with Jesus in meaningful ways.

If you’d like to be a part of Willowbrook, get in a Life Group.
If you have an idea for a Life Group, we’d like to hear it!!