Willowbrook Ministries

Willowbrook is committed to reflecting Christ’s love and serving our community. We believe that living out our faith means actively engaging with the world around us. Our ministries are designed to help us do that.

Here’s what we’re up to beyond Sunday mornings…



Being a Christian is really about learning how to do life from Christ.

So we study what Jesus said and did, and we figure out ways we can change our lives towards what He recommends.

One cynic called Bible studies “a time when Christians pool their ignorance.” We call them “invaluable” and are constantly offering more.



We love trophies, and we’ve got lots! Softball league champions, volleyball champions, flag football champions, golf champions (well, 3rd place).

And the only reason we don’t have a pickleball trophy yet is that there hasn’t been a tournament yet. We love playing together.



Together, we’ve helped homeless families find permanent housing. We’ve helped build homes with Habitat.

Together, we’ve made our part of the neighborhood beautiful, and we’ve hosted some great community events on our 7.5 acre property.

Seems like we’ve moved more families than U-haul. When people need help, we help.

Life Groups
Willowbrook Kids


Youth Groups

Dodgeball – where you learn not all people are gifted equally when it comes to arm strength.

Eat That Food! – where you learn “lots” doesn’t always equal “good”.

Karaoke – where you learn the desire to perform is not necessarily an indicator of talent.

Youth Group – where you learn that Jesus loves you, and so does your church.


Mountainview Christian Camp

Hanging out with other kids on a 100 acre wood for a week in the summer, just outside Dansville, NY.

Playing crazy games, eating great food, hiking up to Blueberry Hill.

Listening to good preaching, enjoying huge bonfires, seeing more stars than you can count, experiencing life like God intended.

Pretty good.



Ice skaters and Lego builders and state champion volleyball players and marching banders.

Kids in school musicals and home school soccer stars and choir-ers and orchestrians.

We’ve had Jeopardy competitors and equestrians and swimmers and dancers and cheerleaders. And our church shows up and cheers for them all!



We’ve hosted and sponsored Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and cookie sales and Pine Wood derbies and Overnighters and Camp-outs.

There are a lot of families in the Victor-Farmington community who know where our bathrooms are because they’ve been in our building for Scouting events – and we’re glad they do.


Classical Conversations

For the past couple of years, we’ve hosted a local home schooling group in our building one day a week.

This group is committed to training their kids to be really smart and to live life like Jesus says will work best.

We built our church building to be kid-friendly, and Classical Conversations has lots of kids to be friendly to!


Give Aways

A BIG room! Groups running community outreaches are always in need of a big room where they can stage large events.

Angel Tree giftings at Christmas, dinner boxes for Thanksgiving, food and clothing give aways at various times throughout the year, Red Cross blood donations.

We’re glad we have a big room we can offer!


Mission Trips

Our congregation helps missionaries all over to make the world better! And one of the ways we do that is sometimes to send a team of people (young and old) to visit churches in other parts of the world.

It encourages the missionaries, it delights the Christians, and it changes the way our team sees the world.

Really good.



Most people, if asked, would define heaven as a place somewhere out there, that they hope to get to after they die, if they’re good, and lucky.

We look forward to that – when Jesus makes all things as originally intended, but He also said heaven is available right here and now, and we think living in God’s kingdom can happen today!