Our History 


In 1959, some Christians in this part of the world talked about the possibility of following Jesus in a way that was not predetermined by any denominational headquarters somewhere else. They just wanted to do what they saw in the Bible. So they began meeting for worship in each other's homes. Thus began Church of Christ meetings in East Rochester.

In a very short time, they could no longer gather comfortably in living rooms so the group began to rent the Grange Hall in Egypt, New York. For the next few years, this congregation continued to study the Bible and live by what they found there. They were a church of Christ, meeting in Egypt.

In 1965, the year this congregation was recognized by New York State as an official church, they outgrew their meeting space. So they began to search for a new one and they found a little country church building in the village of Victor. Some of the families in the congregation put their own houses up as collateral and thus our growing group was able to relocate again. The Andrews Street building became their central meeting place for the next three decades. They were a church of Christ, meeting in Victor.

And, as is our wont, we overflowed. We did what we could to maximize that building (renovations, purchasing surrounding land, adding second and third assemblies), but it eventually became clear that if we were to continue to help more people, we needed more room. So we decided to build a brand new building in a much more visible location. And, so, due to the kindness of God, and the financial sacrifice of a bunch of ordinary people who think that they're extraordinarily lucky to know Jesus, there's now a white building with the green roof on High Street, directly opposite Willowbrook Lane. And on Halloween of 1999 (October 31), we moved in. Been here ever since.

Grange Hall, Egypt, New York

Grange Hall, Egypt, New York

It all began with a small group who thought that people who follow Jesus could probably live together. So they tried, dedicated to simply studying the Bible and doing what it says. That was the original purpose of this group and even though we've grown considerably in size, and moved through a bunch of buildings, that continues to be at the heart of what is known as the Willowbrook Christian Church. Helping people connect with Jesus and each other in meaningful relationships!