Sunday Assemblies

Every Sunday morning at 10am we come together for an hour to honor Jesus.

We aim for worship assemblies that aren’t boring!
Our goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where we can deepen our relationships with God and each other.

Here’s what you can expect…

Singable Music

We sang hymns for many years, but decided to move forward several centuries. We sang rock’n’roll for a couple years, but decided to take it down several decibels. So these days we sing songs that honor Jesus, usually accompanied by acoustic guitar and keys.

Unlike the Gregorian monk who always wanted to be in the choir, but never got the chants, we want to give everyone a chance to sing joyfully on Sundays 😉

Worship Music
Pastor Jon

Listenable Sermons

About half of our hour together each Sunday morning is devoted to reading, thinking about, and applying God’s Word to how we live life today!

Greek etymologies, Bills’ references, Middle Eastern idiosyncrasies, painfully bad puns, happenings in the lives of people in our congregation, lyrics from songs on WBEE, letters from missionaries on the front lines, and lots more all add to each sermon’s attempt to show how Jesus says life can be lived even better when we do it His way.


As a church, every Sunday we remember together Jesus’ really big plot twist, where the evil one thought he had Him, dead and gone, but he didn’t, because Jesus came back, better than ever.

(And after you kill somebody, and that doesn’t work, what else can you do?)

So each Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection with bread and juice. And we’re happy to share that with you if you think that’s great. (We do!)


Magical Moments

We speak directly to heaven!

We watch people be immersed into Christ.

We cheer for families dedicating themselves to raising their kids to know God.

We encourage each other while drinking coffee and eating Panera treats afterward. (You’ll understand the Panera reference if you’ve been to one of our Sunday assemblies lately.)

And yes, you can catch a lot of what we do together on Sunday morning online, but it’s way better being in the room!

You’re invited to come be a part of it.