The Main Thing 



Some people check us out because a friend invited them to. (Most of the people who are now part of our group first came in with a friend.)

Some parents want their kids to learn the Bible stories that they learned growing up – like Noah’s ark, Egypt’s dark, Jonah’s shark, Jesus’ picnic in the park (for 5000)!

Some people have been dealing with an addiction and they want to see if there’s really something to this “Higher Power”.

Some people have just been driving by and stopped in, wanting to see who would build a church building with a green roof!

Some people have had falling apart marriages and they were willing to try anything – even church – if it might help.

Some people didn’t like the fact that the church they were hanging out with doesn’t seem to think the Bible should be taken seriously anymore.

Some people have had children participating in our youth events and they came in to see what kind of church it would be that could make kids want to be part.

Willowbrook Christian Church is made up of a bunch of people who all walked in looking for something. A family. Love. Acceptance. A friend. Truth. A support group. Guidance. Forgiveness. Maybe just a reason to go on.


Each person here is welcome and valued.

But we’re most proud of one particular person who hangs out here. When you meet him, you can’t help but like him. If you listen to what he says, it’ll change the way you think. You’ve never met a guy who is so healthy. And I’ll bet that once you’re around him for a while, you’ll find yourself living differently. He is the guy who makes our church go!

Lots of people have walked in looking for stuff. And many have found what they’ve come looking for. But the coolest thing we offer here is a chance to spend some time with this guy. And when you do, all that other stuff seems to work out. Check Him out. (He goes by his first name.) Jesus.