The Secrets of Greatness!

Everybody wants to be great! We have different ideas of what great looks like, but everybody hopes that one day people will look at them and say, “Wow – that person is GREAT!” That’s because God made us great! All of us have greatness built in to who we are! But, over time, we’ve messed it up and over time, plenty of people have let us know that we’re not great (and they’ve let us know that in pretty specific detail). So, what can we do with this longing inside of us for unrealized greatness?

This sermon series will point you toward the path to greatness, counter-intuitive though the path may be! Jesus tells us and demonstrates for us and urges us down this path, and that’s what we’ll be looking at for the Sundays of Lent in 2019. Hope you will join us, and listen, and learn. But more, we hope that you’ll come away from this sermon series being ready and willing and able to practice what it takes to become great! It’s how you were made! It’s how you can be remade! It’s great!

3/10 The Greatest Title - James 1  

3/17 The Greatest Attitude - Philippians 2

3/24 The Greatest Move - Matthew 20

3/31 The Greatest Job - John 13

4/7 The Greatest Applause - Matthew 25

4/14 How to Not Be a Great Man - Matthew 27