What We Believe 



We believe that God is, and that His name is Jehovah. We believe that He is a real person, and therefore has certain characteristics in His personality. We believe that He is a giving person. We believe that He is an eternal person. We believe that He is a person Who transcends physical existence. We believe that He exists in a way that is more complex than we can fathom. We believe that He is a communicative person.


We believe that one of God’s personality traits is creativity. We believe that God created everything else. And that when He created it all, it was masterfully engineered. And, since He created it all, it all rightfully belongs to Him. Including people. We believe that men and women are creations of God, the pinnacle of His creativity, made to live in partnership with Him.


We believe that we are created by God, and thus are not, nor ever will be God. We believe that each person created resembles God, and thus each person has incredible potential. We believe that God so respects us that He has willingly surrendered to us some control of how things go in the universe.


We believe that God has created men and women to be in a terrific relationship with Him and each other. We believe that that’s the result as we choose to think and act like He does – based on the good of others. We believe that acting selfishly (doing what’s best for one’s self, to the disregard of how that will affect others) is the opposite of how God created this universe to work, and brings devastation. We believe that we live in a very self-centered and devastated world.


We believe that our selfish choices had fatally separated us from God’s desire and design. We believe that God longs for our good, both individually and as a species, and that because of His love for us, He voluntarily took on a physical body, came and lived with us on this planet, and then on the cross, used His life to fix what had been broken. We believe that Jesus’ resurrection from the dead proves that life is again available – and that anyone can get back to God’s intention for life by connecting with Jesus.


We believe that life is meant to be lived “coram deo” (in the presence of God). We believe that He knows best, and wants what is best for us, and has communicated best to us through His “Emmanuel” (God with us) time on earth. We believe that the Bible is a trust-worthy document which reveals God’s heart and mind to every generation after Jesus’. We believe that God’s Spirit lives in us and helps us do the things that He created us to do, both individually and as the “church” (the group of people who have asked God to make them whole through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection). We believe that life with God is hard and good. We believe that there’s hope for us and hope for the world. We believe that doing life together as restored men and women will lead to a time where we will live in a perfectly renewed world in partnership with God. And we believe that that will be great!