Our church is built on the idea that Jesus is the greatest man who ever lived on earth. We think that He is worthy of our most careful study and imitation. We believe that if the world was full of people who thought, acted, and loved like Jesus did, then we would live in a pretty nice world. We consider Him to be so special that we meet weekly in His honor. Every Sunday morning at 10am. And our assemblies are purposely designed to focus the attention of everyone who is there on Jesus, period. Each 60 minute assembly includes the following:

We sing. A lot. Music was created by God to help us express ourselves to Him – and we do. We use many instruments (piano, guitar, bass, brass, drums, rain stick, synthesizer, bagpipes – never accordian or banjo, but only because we haven’t found anyone in our congregation yet who admits to playing those!). We know that no one worship style will help everyone to connect meaningfully with God, so we’ve chosen a style that we think can help a majority of the people in this part of the world. We have music that is contemporary, uplifting, and energetic! We do music!

It is obvious that the reading and applying of Scripture was a regular part of life for those who first followed Jesus. So, yes, we have sermons. The good news is that we do ours in English and with humor (at least we aim that way). Sermons here are designed to help you enjoy life more than you already are, and if you fall asleep, the preacher thinks it’s his fault. From the Biblical records, we also see that early Christians remembered Jesus’ death and resurrection every week (at first -- every day!) through the Lord’s Supper. So each week we invite those who want to to participate in this with us. We also spend some of our time talking with God together, just because we can! And we pool our resources weekly through a time of giving in order to continue our congregation’s work for Jesus.


We know that there are many different styles of honoring Jesus in a group setting. And some people think the way we do it is too restrained. When we get together, it’s not a riot (we don’t speak in tongues or handle snakes). And some think we are not nearly serious enough when it comes to our church assemblies because our worship gatherings include a lot of genuinely joyful moments (we laugh a lot, and some of us even dance a little). But if you want to express admiration for Jesus in ways that are natural for people who live in America in this generation, we think that you’ll be comfortable with Willowbrook.